Tour de Jakarta Project #4

individual report

As a scriptwriter, my overall responsibility is to make a good script. First I and my co-scriptwriter, and the rest of the team have to brainstorm to find an idea about how the show would be. The idea should be distinctive, unique, and exclaimed. We already have a theme, which is Jakarta, so we only have to find the structure about the program. We agreed to make a tourism program and put the Jakarta’s unique tourism object under the spotlight.
Before we make a script, we choose which ones of Jakarta tourism objects that we will visit. My co-scriptwriter and I did the research first from many sources. And we choose to explore Monas, as it becomes the trademark of Jakarta, people should know any details of it. Beside Monas, we also choose Sunda Kelapa Harbor and Jakarta Old City, because both places are very unique and need to be introduced to the world.
Furthermore, we did the research again from internet and books to find the history, unique facts, and any details about the destinations. We want the audience to enlighten their minds when they are watching our program. By doing the research, I personally got more knowledge about Jakarta, my own capital city.
After researching is done, I start writing a script while my co-scriptwriter deals with duration. I imagine how the program would be, how the presenter looked, which camera angle will suit the dialogues, and then make dialogues based on that imagination. I divided the whole program in to 4 segments, including the additional segment which consists of the coverage of event that freshly held in Jakarta.
After writing stage, I have to make sure the dialogues fit the duration, and if the grammar and spelling is correct. I also make sure the presenter remember the script, even I often help them to remember and pronounce the script correctly.
Final touch is put the overall script into different format; production script and rundown.

And my desk job as switcher on live shooting is to switch camera to camera, to make the whole program look better and not monotone. I have to make sure that the timing of switching is exactly fit with what the audiences want to see.

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