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Good afternoon everyone. Thanks to my Professional Studies Lecturer, Mr. Rafael Jolongbayan, and to all my friends for giving me chance to stand here to speech in front of you.

In this moment, I will share you about the important leadership character that posse in my career development. In the future, we surely want to be a success people. Success absolutely won’t come easy. We must plan it and do the best we can do to reach our goal. When our goal has been reached, that time we can call ourself success. But, to make it come true, we need skills and knowledge to support our work, so that we can come closer to our goal. Those skills and knowledge that can lead us to our goal, build some kind of behaviors that we call characteristics. And not everyone has the characteristic to be success.

In the business world, we have to be able to lead ourself and our team work to reach the goal. There are so many psychological characteristics of great leadership, such as: goal orientation, screening for opportunity, optimism, courage, strong internal motivation, and the most important is, self-esteem.

Self-esteem becomes the most important one because it is a high sense of one's own self-worth. Without that, individuals will never undertake tough challenges. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs and emotions. If one does not have it, it's important to develop self-esteem. Because self-esteem also affects on how people think, act, and even how they relate to other people.

Self-esteem helps us to get confidence and take control of ourself. If we have self-esteem, we will feel capable to take any chance and even the risk in order to reach our goal. We won’t so easy to give up unless we have reached the goals. That is why self-esteem is very important in my career development.

That is all I can share with you. Please forgive me if there was any mistake in my speech.

Thank you for your attention. Good afternoon.

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